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Hmm.... She seems to like it. Personally if was turning into a giant anthropomorphic rabbit, I think I'd be a bit terrified. Overall I ...

by Noben

Its not too bad. The shadowing could be a little better. Its a funny concept, but I'm not sure anyone who isn't a Star Wars geek, will ...

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Hmm.... She seems to like it. Personally if was turning into a giant anthropomorphic rabbit, I think I'd be a bit terrified. Overall I like your animation, but it is missing a few things, that would make it better. Its okay, but it really should start a minute or two earlier before she grows her tail. Maybe you could show us what caused her transformation. The music is good and so are the few sound effects that you included. However, I would like to hear the character talk in the video. Maybe something to convey how surprised she was by this, unless of course it was deliberate and she wanted it to happen. Also perhaps since she seems to like her new form, perhaps you could also make her say something conveying how pleased she is with her new body. You could add about ten or fifteen seconds after she's done turning into a bunny girl for that. It would be better in color as well. You could show the transformation in more detail by having her colors on different parts of her body as she transforms.
Here's a scene from Diary of an Alien. The novel that I may or may not finish writing.  If you saw my first upload and you're wondering why fig ( the little vampire / demon like creature on the left looks, different, that's because I slightly redesigned her after I started writing the story ).  The Character on the left is Phil.  He's another Edmond High school student.  Unlike Anna and Fig, he's a herbivore, not a carnivore.   Maybe that's a bit too obvious given how much he kind of looks like rabbit.  You can't tell because the drawing is in black and white, but Phil actually is covered in pale blue fur, except for the hair on the top of his head, which is dark black. They're having a conversation while riding the hover bus on the way to school.
Dairy Of An Alien Characters
Characters from I science fiction novel that I started writing a long time ago called "Diary of An Alien."  I hope I'm able to finish it some day.  But as of the date I posted this, its still a work in progress.  The Characters are from left to right, Anna Kesler, Snark, and Fig Fing

The Story takes place sometime in the fifty first century on an artificial planet named "The Republic of Vienna."  Its a society where for the most part humans and extraterrestrials from multiple planets across the Milky Way live side by side and for the most part, and even become citizens and vote in national elections.  Tn spite of some bigotry, all humanoids according to the Viennan constitution are supposed to have equality under the law.

Anna is the main character.  The entire story is told from her point of view.  She's a teenage Lizardian who was adopted by humans soon after she hatched.  The Keslers raised her as their own, and named her Anna.  She never met her real parents.  The only mom and dad she ever knew are the two humans who took her from the orphanage as a baby.  She is a carnivore, but she doesn't like having to eat meat, since she feels sorry for other animals.  Unfortunately, her people are incapable of digesting artificial meat, so she has to eat real meat in order to live.  Anna also dreams of becoming a cheer leader.  However, at least some of the humans at her school might not like having one of "her kind" on the cheer leading squad.  Thankfully modern Vienna has very strict anti discrimination laws.

Snark is the high school janitor.  His people have a sense of smell equivalent to that of a blood hound.  He doesn't have much of a role in the story, but he and Anna have known each other for quite some time.  Don't call him a wolf or a dog.  His people did not evolve from wolves or dogs, they evolved from a quadrupedal wolf like alien species, that vaguely resembled a wolf.

Fig is Anna's best friend.  She's also a teenager, but she's about a year younger than Anna.  Her species, the Vesps, were among the first people to develop space travel, and figured out how to bend space time, so they could get around the light speed barrier and traverse galaxy, long before Albert Einstein was even born.  Fig none the less is an admirer of Einstein along with several other nineteenth, twentieth and early twenty first century human scientists.  ( I heard a rumor that this one who was also on DeviantArt, back in the twenty first century, is her favorite historic human scientist, but I have yet to confirm that. Wink/Razz  ) She is a scientific genius herself, and is one of the smartest students at Edmond high school, as well as kind and compassionate, but she also has a dark side. She's been venomous ever since she reached puberty, but she'll only use inject her venom in self defense, or to take down her prey, which doesn't include other humanoids, so you don't have to worry too much.


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